Nº Green Deodorant

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Naturally extracted from the root, seed, stem, pulp and rind, our Nº Green is a complex collection of citrus plants and spice. Undeniably citrus but mysteriously complex. BERGAMOT, PINK LEMON, ORANGE BLOSSOM, CARDAMOM

Corpus' Deodorant Sticks represent years of research and advances in natural chemistry, resulting in elevated, effective, aluminum-free odor control.

The proprietary plant-based formula provides effective odor neutralization without the irritating and potentially harmful chemicals typically found in deodorants.

Live enzymes derived from vegetable fermentation and sustainably-sourced plant and mineral actives work to destroy odor-causing bacteria. The advanced water-based gel formula is ideal for sensitive skin and glides on smooth, leaving no white residue.

– Vegan & Cruelty-Free
– Made in California
– No Synthetic Fragrances
– No Baking Soda
– No Aluminum
– Glides on Clear

2.6 oz. / 75g