Garden Candles

Garden Candles

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The essential oils in these candles were inspired by the verdant gardens at Flamingo Estate. They plant a tree for every product sold, and are an active member of 1% For the Planet. We love their commitment to radical honesty, and use regenerative practices whenever possible. Mother Nature is our therapist, doctor and friend. Take care of her and she’ll take care of you.

Climbing Tuscan Rosemary
Rosemary, “the mist of the sea,” is the objet d’amour of Romans, Greeks and honeybees everywhere. It’s also the not-so-secret ingredient in these 100% vegetable wax candles, hand-poured into sturdy, reusable containers.

Heirloom Roma Tomato
The tomato. Ripe, supple and bursting with juice, the scent of the heirloom tomato catapults us to memories of late summer dinner parties in Sicilian gardens. This candle is a monument to the love apple.

Adriatic Muscatel Sage
Sacred, spiritual and wholly transportive, the ritualistic burning of sage can clear negative energies and bring in the good stuff. The sage in this candle carries with it salt breezes from the Adriatic.

100% vegetable wax and cotton wick, with a 60h burn and fully recyclable glass