Superette x Madre Napkins - Set of 4

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Don't forget these...

We got to have a little fun with our friends at Madre, and created a collection of custom color combos exclusive to our shop!

We chose a fun and vibrant neon yellow thread to hem each napkin.

Choose from Strawberry Shortcake, Madras Plaid, or Leche (Milk White) napkin base.

Set of 4. Each napkin is 11" x 11"




Designed with everyday life in mind, with a goal of making the everyday more beautiful. Go ahead and get them dirty! Here’s how we to care for them.

SPOT TREAT  linens as necessary. Use Biokleen’s Bac-Out for spot treatment. Hot water also helps.

WASH MADRE napkins separately in warm water with mild eco-friendly detergent. We like Dropps for their commitment to reducing plastic waste. We also like to add Dropps' "oxi booster pods" as a brightener.

TO DRY Shake your napkins out well, then dry on high heat and remove promptly from dryer. Fold your napkins however you like, and reuse again and again!

Ironing is not necessary, and we personally love how linen rumples. If you’re going for a more precise look, please iron your MADRE napkins with a cloth (linen or cotton) between your napkin and your iron. MADRE napkins are trimmed using a polyester thread that can melt under high heat. 

That said, if you notice any fraying at your napkins’ corners, using a little heat (a lighter works well) can help you reseal the corner threads.